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God Bless America
Chisholm Trail Community News
May 1, 2019
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Chickasha, Ok
A conservative view of national, state and local politics
Steve Fair is the Chairman of the 4th Congressional
District for the Oklahoma Republican Party. He may
be reached by phone at 580-252-6284 or email at
Read more at stevefair.blogspot.
com. The views expressed in this column are his
and his alone and does not necessarily represent
the views of the Oklahoma Republican Party.
Holidays to celebrate this month
 May first is not only May Day, but this is
Batman Day
. This holiday honors
and celebrates the fictional superhero from the American comic books published
by DC Comics and featured in Hollywood movies, television series, cartoons and
graphic novels over the last 70+ years.
 While no one really knows who or when Batman Day was started, it
is believed that it was established on May 1st because that is the date
on which Batman is believed to have made his appearance in Detective
Comics #27 in 1939.
 There are a variety of ways that people celebrate Batman Day. Some
people form what is called an “Alfred’s Reading Circle,” where they
can get together with their friends and read Batman comic books.
Other people throw a Batman costume party or simply go to work dressed as Bat-
man. Some fans use the day to find valuable Batman pieces for their collections.
Another good way to spend this day is watching the original Batman TV series or
one of the animated series’.
No Pants Day
is a holiday which is celebrated on the first Friday of May. As
the name suggests, it is a non-official holiday in which people don’t wear their
pants at home or in public. According to the spirit of the day,
those who participate in this holiday should go about the day
as if they are unaware they aren’t wearing pants. While no one
actually knows when No Pants Day originated, it is believed
to have begun sometime during the mid-1980s. According to
legend, sometime in 1985 or 1986, some guy had his wife iron
his pants because he had a big meeting at work. However, he
became late and had to suddenly head to work – unfortunately,
he was so preoccupied with not being late, he forgot to put his pants back on and
ended up boarding the subway pantless. Once he realized he didn’t have any pants
on, it was too late, so he just smiled and pretended nothing was wrong.
World Naked Gardening Day
 Have you always wanted an excuse to shed all of your clothes and head out to
your garden to do some work? If you have, then you probably will want to know
about World Naked Gardening Day. This unofficial holiday is celebrated annually
on the first Saturday in May. The purpose of this holiday
is to help people liberate themselves and help them recon-
nect with the natural world. And while it’s a holiday that
promotes the nudists lifestyle, it is one that is considered to
be very nonpolitical and all done in good fun. This holiday
was created by Mike Storey and Jacob Gabriel as a Body
Freedom Collaborative project and introduced in Nude &
Natural in 2005. After the idea was introduced to the pub-
lic, it quickly gained moment and began to grow outwards
in an almost organic manner. Now it is celebrated by nudists all over the world
who want to enjoy this holiday.
You may just want to combine this holiday with No Pants Day, and while you’re
at it, why don’t you just hum the theme to Batman while you week you’re garden.
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Tick Warning
 Should someone come to your door and tells you they are
checking for ticks due to warm weather, and asks you to take
your clothes off and dance around with your arms up in the
air .... Do not do it! This is a scam.
I wish I knew about this yesterday.
..... Paprika Snortenwaller
Cinco de Mayo Community Festival
 Heritage Oaks Church is sponsoring a Cinco de Mayo Community Festival in
Halliburton Park on Saturday, May 4th.
 Organizers are offering great food, fun games, Bingo with awesome prizes,
crafts for kids, sweetwater, Piῆatas and more.
Medicaid is a federal and state entitlement program that provides medical
benefits to low-income individuals who have no or inadequate health insurance
coverage. It guarantees coverage for basic health and long-term care services
based upon income and/or resources for eligible Oklahomans. Medicaid is often
confused with Medicare, which is health coverage available only to those over the
age of 65. Part of the Affordable Care Act(ACA) was the potential expansion of
Medicaid by states. If a state expands Medicaid, the federal government matches
the state’s share for three years and then the federal match is reduced to 90% with
the state required to pick up the difference. Oklahoma is one of only 14 states that
has not expanded Medicaid since the passage of the ACA.
Last week, a rally was held at the Oklahoma State Capitol promoting the expan-
sion of Medicaid in Oklahoma. Billed as ‘The Rally for Coverage,’ the group
promoted a proposed state question that would expand Medicaid in Oklahoma.
On April 19th, a proposed ballot initiative (SQ #802) was filed with the Secretary
of State. Once it is approved for signature solicitation, the group will have 90
days to collect 178,000 Oklahoma voter signatures on the petition to get the ques-
tion on the ballot.
Some state legislators believe that Medicaid expansion is needed. Both State
Representatives Marcus McEntire (R-Duncan) and House Minority Leader Emily
Virgin, (D-Norman) spoke at Wednesday’s rally advocating for Medicaid expan-
sion. “We(the legislature) have been working, and we’ve been working hard. I’ve
put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into the plan that hopefully we’ll be able to
unveil,” McEntire said. “I think it’s our job to get this done as the Legislature. We
were elected to make these types of decisions, and it’s just silly that the people
would have to take it into their hands and go through the ballot initiative process,”
Virgin said. Governor Kevin Stitt has stated he doesn’t favor expansion of Medic-
aid in the Sooner state. Three observations:
First, amending the state constitution by state question mandating Medic-
aid coverage is a terrible idea. Locking Oklahoma taxpayers into paying for an
entitlement program dependent on the federal government portion of funding is
foolhardy. While it is the right of any group to distribute an initiative petition and
have its day at the ballot box, it doesn’t mean it should pass and become law. Vir-
gin is right that if expansion of Medicaid is to be addressed, it should be the state
legislature doing it.
Second, the cost of expansion should be carefully researched. The cost to
taxpayers on the expansion of Medicaid in other states has been seriously under-
estimated. In some cases, more than twice the estimated number expected signed
up for coverage. When you consider the federal government mandate for states
required to pick up the shortfall as their funding is reduced, expansion is a short
term solution to a long term problem.
Third, one in seven Oklahomans (14.2%) are uninsured or underinsured ac-
cording to the Census Bureau. That is significantly higher than the U.S. average.
Because health care providers are required by law to provide service, even to
those who are uninsured, financial pressure is placed on those providers. But is
it the Oklahoma taxpayer’s job to pick up the bill? Is health care insurance the
responsibility of government or individual citizens? Those are questions whose
answers appear simple, but when sick people are involved become complex.
. The Stephens County GOP will hold our regular monthly meeting tomorrow
night(5/2) at the Red River Tech Center starting at 7pm. Email leon@wpmonline.
com for information.
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