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God Bless America
Chisholm Trail Community News
August 7, 2019
by Steve Fair
Steve Fair is the Chairman of the
4th Congressional District for
the Oklahoma Republican Party.
He may be reached by phone at
580.252.6284 or email at okgop@ Read more at stevefair.
This weekend there were two mass shootings- one in El Paso, Texas and one
in Dayton, Ohio. At least thirty people were killed and scores wounded. The
alleged El Paso shooter was captured within minutes of leaving the scene. The
shooter in Dayton was killed by police. It appears the El Paso gunman is a white
supremacist and the Dayton shooter is described as a ‘pretty dark kid,’ that kept
a hit list in high school. The immediate response from the Democrats was a call
for more stringent gun control, while Republicans said more people should be
armed to prevent future shootings. Three observations:
life has been devalued in America. When 2,000 unborn children are
aborted every day in the United States, is it no wonder troubled people have no
respect for life? Life is a gift of God and subject to His control. Mankind is made
in the image of God (Gen. 1:26-27) and shedding of innocent blood is absolutely
forbidden (Proverbs 6:16-19). When a person takes innocent human life, they
violate God’s law and will pay a price before their Creator. That goes for the
mass murderer and those that kill babies in the womb. America should start valu-
ing all life, including the unborn.
disarming law abiding citizens will not stop mass shootings. Crimi-
nals don’t obey the law. That is why they are criminals. Putting up a ‘Gun Free’
sign in a retail store does nothing but stop honest people from being able to de-
fend themselves in the event of a mass shooting.
guns are not the blame. A gun is a tool. It can be used for good or bad.
The blame must be placed on the condition of the hearts of the shooters. Wicked-
ness and hatred is in the heart before it is in the hand. Both gunmen exhibited be-
havior that raised red flags to friends and family. Clearly they had mental health
issues that should have been addressed. The meagerness of funding to mental
health by government contrasted to monies spent on social programs is more to
blame than a gun.
The answer to stopping mass murders and abortion in America is not more
political debate and activism. It is not more or less gun regulations. It’s not
better mental health intervention or better parenting. The real answer lays in
praying God will work in the hearts of people. It lays in the regeneration of the
heart of individuals. That can only come through the propagation of the Gospel;
the simple truth is that man is born with a depraved and wicked heart and needs
Christ. Blaming the president, Congress, the other political Party when someone
takes innocent life fails to address the fundamental issue - the heart of man.
Lt. Governor’s Travel & Tourism Summit
The Oklahoma Travel Industry Association will
partner with Lt. Governor Matt Pinnell to produce the
2019 Lt. Governor’s Travel & Tourism Summits, which
will be held around the state. Each half-day program
provides tourism education featuring speakers covering
a range of topics on best practices to promote tourism
in your region and includes a town hall-type discussion
by the Lt. Governor on tourism development in each of
the areas visited around the state.
The Simmons Center is hosting one such summit on
Thursday, October 3, 2019 at 1 PM.
Tickets can
be purcased at
for $45/per-
son for the full event and $20/person for the half event.
The full event includes education workshops, breaks,
the town hall meeting, and the networking reception. The half event includes the
networking reception and the town hall meeting. The schedule is as follows:
1:00 pm Registration
1:30 pm Welcome by Host Community & Speaker Introduction
1:45 pm Educational Workshop
2:45 pm Break
3:00 pm Educational Workshop - Cont'd.
4:00 pm Town Hall Meeting with Lt. Governor
4:30 pm Networking Reception
Jon Skelly has been chosen as this Summit’s guest speaker. Jon is the founder
and chief storyteller at Journey Media, a consulting firm specializing in helping in-
dividuals and organizations become masters of the story skill. As a former Fortune
500 Chief Marketing Officer and current head of digital experience, Jon has helped
executives, business owners, sales professionals, recruiters and other leaders har-
ness the power of storytelling as they build customer
experiences, new products/programs and their
overall brands. He has spoken at events across North
America, helping people understand the simple,
centuries-old principles of a good story – and why
that matters to their career and to their company.
In session 1, Jon’s discussion is on how to ‘Take
Your Cape Off ’ and other Stories that Sell. In this
session you will learn the basics of storytelling, the
four stories that create the most effective marketing,
and the common pitfalls that can derail even the
most committed storyteller.
In session 2, Jon will discuss the ‘Hacking Cre-
ativity: The Simple Secret of Problem Solving’. You
will learn why creativity is not only a skill that can be developed, but also a process
that can be repeated, tweaked, and used as a problem solving superpower.
Coffee Shop Talk - “Grazing”
 Local livestock producers and professionals from
across the state are invited for a free field day discuss-
ing grazing for a better future on Saturday, September
7 from 9 am to 3 pm..
 Discussion will include grazing designs, cost
reductions, 365-grazing, livestock water, and many
more small, impactful changes to better a farm’s prof-
itability and resilience.
 The day will be packed with successful local
producer stories and panel discussions. Professionals
will give the latest forage and grazing research. Field
demonstrations include fencing, livestock watering
options, and estimating available forage with a pas-
ture stick. A free pasture stick will be handed out to
all those who attend the demonstration.
 Professionals include: NRCS State Grazing Spe-
cialist, Noble Research Institute Grazing Specialist,
and Oklahoma Conservation Commission Soil and
Range Land Scientists.
 Registration, donuts, and coffee will begin at 9:00
a.m. at the Pontotoc Technology Center - 601 West
33rd St, Ada, Oklahoma 74820. Lunch and pasture
sticks will be provided to registered participants.  
 Register today by contacting the Pontotoc County
Conservation District and Natural Resources Conser-
vation Service Office at 580-332-3905 ext. 3 or email
Deadline for lunch RSVP
is August 30, 2019.
Capitalism vs Socialism
 A guy looked at my plane the other day and said
something like, “I wonder how many families that
would have fed for the price of that?”
 I replied that I was not sure, but it fed a lot of fami-
lies at the Dassault factory where it was built. I am
pretty sure it fed a bunch of families from the Alcoa
plant where the aluminum was rolled. The families
that worked at the Honeywell factory where the tur-
bines were built were fed. It fed a whole company for
a few weeks when the interior was installed. It feeds
the families of those who maintain and fuel it now.
 Thats the difference between capitalism and a
welfare mentality. When you buy something, you put
money in people’s pockets, and give them dignity for
their skills.
 When you give something for nothing, you rob the
person of their dignity and selfworth.
 Capitalism is freely giving your money in exchange
for something of value.
 Socialism is taking your money against your will
and shoving something down your throat that you
never asked for.
Parents Should Make
Comprehensive Eye Exams
Part of Back-to-School Plans
 Optometric physicians are reminding parents that
all students should receive comprehensive vision
exams before the start of the school year, especially
as digital learning devices become more common and
children’s screen time increases.
 Smart phones, tablets and computers can cause a
condition known as “Computer Vision Syndrome,” or
CVS. Symptoms of CVS include eye strain, head-
aches, fatigue, burned or tired eyes, loss of focus,
blurred vision, double vision or head and neck pain.
Nationally, parents report that two-thirds of all chil-
dren do their homework on electronic devices which
can lead to CVS.
 Furthermore, undiagnosed vision problems are ex-
tremely common (approximately one-in-four children
has an untreated vision condition) and can cause both
academic and behavioral problems as well as physical
conditions like frequent headaches. Approximately 40
percent of all children with learning disabilities have
vision problems.
 Many simple vision screenings performed in
schools or in a pediatrician’s office test basic distance
visual acuity (ie “is a child ‘near-sighted or ‘far-
sighted?”), without also testing the wide variety of
vision conditions and problems that affect learning
and schoolwork. Eye doctors are using the back-to-
school season to remind parents that comprehensive
vision exams are the best way to identify and correct
these issues.
 Edmond Optometrist and Oklahoma Association of
Optometric Physicians President Dr. Selina McGee
said that a comprehensive vision exam should be part
of every student’s back-to-school checklist.
 “Many times, a student who is having problems
reading and learning has an untreated vision prob-
lem,” said Dr. McGee. “That’s why it’s so important
for parents to take their kids to see an optometrist
every year for a comprehensive vision screening.
Getting these kids treated and back on track is one of
the best parts of my job.”
Top-Selling Cars Year-To-Date
Jerry Reynolds (carprousa)
 It is no secret that the business of selling cars (se-
dans and hatchbacks) has been tough sledding the last
few years, and there is no end in sight. This is in spite
of an onslaught of new car entries.
 So far this year, 1,994,000 new cars have been sold
through June. Through June of 2018, 2,214,000 new
cars were sold, so that is a pretty substantial drop.
Given the fact that several automakers have an-
nounced they are discontinuing cars in favor of more
SUV models, this trend will continue.
 The race to keep Camry the #1 selling car in
America for the 16th straight year is on, with Civic
breathing down Camry’s neck. Look for exceptional
deals on Camry the rest of the year.
 Here are the 20 best-selling cars so far this year at
the half-way mark:
20 Best-Selling Cars Through June 2019
Toyota Camry: 147,119
Honda Civic: 139,421
Toyota Corolla: 123,999
Honda Accord: 107,542
Nissan Altima: 92,229
Nissan Sentra: 88,675
Ford Fusion: 79,951
Hyundai Elantra: 68,431
VW Jetta: 40,487
Nissan Versa: 39,818
Kia Optima: 39,379
Kia Forte: 39,076
Hyundai Sonata: 38,753
Dodge Charger: 36,012
Chevy Cruze: 34,627
Ford Mustang: 32,054
Ford Fiesta: 31,464
Mazda3: 24,533
Subaru Impreza: 24,130
Dodge Challenger:
1,2,3,4,5,6,7 8
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