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Page 8   God Bless America Chisholm Trail Community News WWW.CHISHOLMTRAILNEWS.COM July28, 2021 SAVE 7 DAYS AWEEK Mon - Sat 10 - 7 Sun 1 - 6 3420 S 4th CHICKASHA 405-825-3510 25% OFF NEVER PAY RETAIL AGAIN! Come Catch your Limit! With Chris Stowe Guide Service Christopher Stowe Licensed Guide 580-565-9037 580-898-2464 Kingston, OK 73439 TEXOMA Fair and Biased A conservative view of national, state, and local politics by Steve Fair Chairman, 4th District Oklahoma Republican Party On Friday, Governor Kevin Stitt appointed Tulsa attorney John O’Connor, 66, to be the Sooner state’s Attorney General (AG). O’Connor will complete the unexpired term of Mike Hunter, who resigned in May. O’Connor and Stitt have a history, having known each other for over twenty years. Stitt says he considers O’Connor a ‘mentor.’ The appointment follows the pattern by the governor of surrounding himself with people who he has a history with. O’Connor was nominated two years ago by President Donald Trump to serve as a federal district judge. The American Bar Association’s (ABA) 15-member judicial review board voted unanimously that O’Connor was “not qualified,’ to serve as a federal judge. O’Connor withdrew his name from consideration before the U.S. Senate took up the nomination. The ABA has a history of opposing conservative judges, cited O’Connor’s lack of actual courtroom experience as one of the reasons they opposed his appointment to the federal bench. Three observations: First, was O’Connor the best qualified candidate for the AG position? According to the governor, he interviewed twelve (12) people for the position. Sources claim many of those interviewed had more court- room and law enforcement experience than O’Connor. It appears the governor’s pattern of appointing friends and acquaintances to key advisory positions continues. No one person has a history with and knows the most qualitied person for every position in government. By appointing someone he has known two decades, Stitt makes it appears this appointment is a case of ‘not what you know, but who you know.’ The appointment is the sovereign decision of the governor, as laid out in the state constitution, but it is question- able the most qualified candidate got the job. Second, the ABA assessment of O’Connor being ‘not qualified’ means nothing. The organization trashes conservatives and have totally lost their objectivity. They attempted to block dozens of Trump appointments to the bench, not because they weren’t qualified, but because they disagreed with the appointee’s ideology. Their observation of the lack of courtroom experience is of concern. The AG is Oklahoma’s attorney and the state’s top law enforcement officer. A corporate lawyer may not have the background to understand what the state’s District Attorneys and other law enforcers challenges are. Third, Oklahoma voters will ultimately determine if Stitt made the right choice. The AG position is up for election in 2022. O’Connor announced at his first news conference he plans to run for the Republi- can nomination next year. He has already drawn a primary opponent, Tulsa attorney Gentner Drummond. Drummond lost the GOP primary by less than 300 votes to Hunter in 2018. Others are sure to join the AG race. Voters should watch closely what O’Connor does in the next sixteen months and vote accordingly. The Oklahoma Attorney General manages a staff of 100 lawyers, and a total staff of 174 people, with an annual budget of $25 million dollars. An argument could be made the Oklahoma AG is more powerful than Oklahoma’s weak governorship. It’s a big job. With the McGirt decision and the pending Dobbs pro-life suit before the SCOTUS, which could throw abortion back to the states, Oklahoma’s AG position becomes even more important. Stitt stated in a press release that he appointed O’Connor because he was not just competent in the law but he also has high moral character. Time and the voters will determine if Stitt made the right decision. Steve Fair is Chairman of the 4th district of the Oklahoma Republican Party. He can be reached by email at steve. . His blog is . OKLAHOMA’S NEWAG Associate Editor Seeking the Right Person to fill the position of ‘Associate Editor’ on the staff of the Chisholm Trail Community News and the Washita Valley Community News.  Should be familiar with newspaper layout and have expertise in Adobe Indesign software. 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