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Page 8   God Bless America Chisholm Trail Community News WWW.CHISHOLMTRAILNEWS.COM March 18, 2020 It Pays to Talk! Up to $1,000 CASH Remain Anonymous 580-252-TIPS (8477) or online at North Hwy 81 & Camelback Rd. (580)255-0275 or 252-1331 Refresh Your Space! We have what you need! Linda and Sarah’sCarpet Great Everyday Savings Freeman’s Appliance 5199 NorthHwy 81 Duncan 580-255-2676 See Us for Appliance Sales & Service Lighten your Housework With The Latest High Efficiency Appliances! BPA (Business Professionals of America) State Qualifiers RRTC BPA: (l-r) Three Red River Technology Center Business students recently qualified for the State BPA Contest to be held in Tulsa on March 10 and 11. Qualify- ing are: Chloe Blevins, Homeschool, Basic Office Systems and Procedures; Stephanie Gonzalez, Mar- low, Advanced Spread- sheet Applications, and Basic Office Systems; and Liberty Hesbrook, Duncan, Advanced Word Process- ing, Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications, and Business Meetings Manage- ments. SkillsUSA District Winners RRTC AM Programs: (front, l-r) Walker Rawl- ings, 5th in Welding, Ryan; Abbe Johnson, 4th in Cosmetology-Esthetics, Marlow; Anna North, 3rd in Cosmetology-Nails, Central; Jacob Meador, 3rd in CAD-Technical, Adult; (back, l-r) Jacob Wheat, 4th in Heating and Air Conditioning, Adult; Austin Tucker, 2nd in Heating and Air Conditioning, Homeschool; David Keely, 2nd in Heating and Air Conditioning, Adult; and Riley Ellis, 1st in CNC/Precision Machining, Adult. The following students will advance to the State SkillsUSA Contest: Jacob Meador, Riley Ellis, Austin Tucker, David Keely, Jacob Wheat, and Anna North. (Not Pictured: Terrell Cox, 1st place in Job Interview, Adult, Advancing to State SkillsUSA Leadership Contest). RRTC AM Leadership: (front, l-r) Abbe Johnson, 3rd in Prepared Speech, Marlow; Brea Edens, 1st in Job Skill Demo A, Central; (mid, l-r) Ryleigh Woody, 3rd Quiz Bowl Team M, Comanche; Jose Solis, 2nd Quiz Bowl Team C, Comanche; Blaise Morgan, 2nd Quiz Bowl Team C, Walters; (back, l-r) Corbin Marti- nez, 3rd Quiz Bowl Team M, Duncan; Kinley Rendon, 3rd Quiz Bowl Team M, Comanche; Joshua Cannon, 2nd Quiz Bowl Team C; Preston Weaks, 2nd Quiz Bowl Team C; Craig Holt, 3rd Quiz Bowl Team M, Duncan; Philip Strachan, 3rd Quiz Bowl Team M, Duncan; and Kaden Fears, 3rd Quiz Bowl Team M, Duncan. The following students will advance to the State SkillsUSA Leadership Contest: Brea Edens, Blaise Morgan, Jose Solis, Preston Weaks, and Joshua Cannon. RRTC PM Programs: (front, l-r) Quinny Mikel, 2nd in Cosmetology-Nails, Homeschool; Madison Edwards, 5th in Cosmetol- ogy-Nails, Duncan; Isabel Contreras, 1st in Cosme- tology-Esthetics; Natalie Womack, 3rd in CAD- Technical, Velma-Alma; (mid, l-r) Trevor Hender- son, 3rd in Heating and Air Conditioning, Comanche; Nathan Womack, 2nd Quiz Bowl Team C, Velma-Alma; Ryan Wooley, 2nd in Automotive Service, Adult; Clayton Kraus, 1st in Welding, Empire; (back, l-r) Dalton Ausmus, 1st Adult FAB Team, Adult; Kenneth Curry, 1st High School FAB Team, FAME; Daniel Avila, 1st High School FAB Team, Duncan; Austyn Revels, 1st High School FAB Team, Empire; Austin Fowler, 1st Adult FAB Team, Adult; Billy Mayes, 1st Adult FAB Team, Adult. The following students will advance to the State SkillsUSA Contest: Nathan Womack, Ryan Wooley, Natalie Womack, Trevor Henderson, Clayton Kraus, Quinny Mikel, Isabel Contreras, the High School FAB Team – Daniel Avila, Kenneth Curry, and Austyn Revels; and the Adult FAB Team – Dalton Ausmus, Austin Fowler, and Billy Mayes. (Not pictured in Ruthie Murphy, 6th in Automotive Service, Adult.) FAIR and BIASED by Steve Fair A conservative view of national, state and local politics HJR#1027 RESTRICTS ALL OKLAHOMANS! Oklahoma is one of 24 states that have an initiative petition process. It allows citizens to bypass the legislature by collecting signatures from regis- tered voters and get issues on the ballot. The number of signatures required is tied to the total number of votes cast in the gubernatorial elections. Currently 177,958 signatures are required to get a state question on the ballot that would amend the state constitution, 94,911 for one that would place a new statute on the books. The signatures must be collected in a 90 day period. Another way a state question gets on the ballot is if the state legislature (both chambers) passes a ‘joint resolution.’ Rep. John Pfeiffer, (R-Orlando), House Deputy Floor Leader, and Sen. Kim David, (R-Porter), Senate Majority Floor Leader have introduced House Joint Resolution #1027. HJR 1027, if passed by the House and Senate, sends to a vote of the people a proposed amendment to the state constitution that, if approved, will change the percentage of legal voters required to propose an initiative or referendum petition from statewide to every congressional dis- trict of the state. HJR #1027 would require 8% of all registered voters in the 5 congressional districts to sign an initiative petition. HJR#1027 passed the Rules committee 6-1 on February 22nd with one Democrat voting no. Three thoughts: First, HJR # 1027 appears to be favored by legislative leadership. Sen. Da- vid is the second ranking Republican in the Senate and Rep. Pfeiffer in House leadership. The idea to mess with the initiative petition process comes after several successful signature drives by groups pushing liberal ideas. Increas- ing the number of signatures seems to be legislative leadership’s solution. De- tails on the specifics in #1027 are sketchy, but changing the process to require voters in every congressional district sign the initiative petitions is to make it more difficult to get the necessary signatures. Under the current system, the signatures can be gained by hitting the OKC and Tulsa metro areas and ignor- ing rural areas. “I worry more about my voters in rural Oklahoma being dis- enfranchised and not even intentionally. It’s just the path of least resistance. If you have to collect a certain number of signatures, you’re going to do it in the metro areas. You’re not even going to ask people in rural Oklahoma because you don’t have to,” Pfeiffer says. Second, making it more difficult for citizens to get an issue on the bal- lot hurts every political group or ideology- liberals and conservatives alike. SQ #640 would not be part of the state constitution if these requirements for signatures would have been in place. 640 was passed in March 1992 and while detested by many legislators. it has literally saved Oklahoma taxpayers billions of dollars by requiring a 75% majority in the legislature to pass increases in taxes and fees. Third, legislators should leave well enough alone. The key to good govern- ment is educating citizens/voters, not restricting them. While the current sys- tem may result in liberal issues getting on the ballot, the answer is educating voters on the issue. Regulating and restricting liberty for one group restricts every Oklahoman. Contact your legislator and tell them to vote no on HJR #1027. Steve Fair is Chairman of the 4th district of the Oklahoma Republican Party. He can be reached by email at . His blog is stevefair.blogspot. com  I was desperately looking for a parking place at the mall. Looking up to heaven I uttered a small prayer. “Lord, take pity on me. If you find me a parking place I will start attending church every Sunday and give up my weekend drinking.”  Miraculously, a parking place opened up, just in time for me to finish my prayer ... “Never mind Lord, I just found one.”